About our family

I am Furry and I am live with my REAL boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We do everything together and I mean everything 24/7.  I am his best friend and I comfort, support and he tells me his deepest secrets. Sometimes when my boy can’t talk, I talk for him.  When his hands do not work, he holds me to steady his constantly moving arms.

What makes my family unique?
Family is not just people, it is anything or anybody who loves and cares for you even a fluffy filled penguin.
Strengths – When I am with Mac we are unstoppable.  That is why this years Red Shoes Rock theme is together we are unstoppable.
Challenges – Every day and everywhere Mac goes presents a challenge.  He struggles to see our world, his brain struggles with controlling movement and while he knows a lot, disconnects often prevent him from expressing what he knows. FAS  does not just have learning challenges, it has physical, emotional, sensory, neuro-chemical and social struggles that my boys faces daily.
My wish that the world would come to love my REAL boy as much as me and that he is accepted and loved for the amazing little person he is.
Wisdom – With a Furry Friend anything is possible.
Furry and Mackie invite YOUR FAMILY to become a featured family
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