About our Family. We are a family of 8.  We have 6 children and 3 are on the FASD spectrum. Family Strengths. I think our family strengths are that we love fiercely and forgive quickly. Family Challenges. We are not perfect and struggle daily with the challenges of having children with FASD.  One of our […]

About our Famly. This is our family : One of our children (adopted) has FASD. Family Strength, We never thought we’d be an FASD family but if it means having our child then we gladly face it head on. Family Challenge. We embrace the craziness of family life with five kids, let alone dealing with […]

About our family. The Hruby family, mom-Sandy enjoys reading and gardening, dad-Dennis enjoys woodworking, we have 3 children through adoption, Tyler (works in law enforcement) is engaged to Katie, Lisa (works with Boys and Girls Club) is engaged to Noah and Joe will be a sophomore in high school and plays snare drum. Two of […]

About our Family. Four of my children have FASD, The other two might have been exposed. All experienced early trauma which intensified trust issues. Craig (that’s me) is a lifelong runner who passed the love of the sport to his middle son, Andrew. Daughter Ashley and youngest son Brandon are gifted artistically. Michael enjoys singing. […]

We consider RJ Formanek the dad of “Flying with Broken Wings” facebook group and his children in that group now number over 3,700. It is a vibrant and exciting community of very positive people dealing with a very serious issue. Indivuals are able to ask anything, share stories and ideas. There is a very very […]

About our family  Mac is our youngest adopted child.  He is our second time around kid, and all the lessons we learned from years of parenting our sib set of 5 and our biological medically complex daughter has given Mac a head start in life. Some say we have saved his life, but he has […]

About our family – I am Furry and I am live with my REAL boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We do everything together and I mean everything 24/7.  I am his best friend and I comfort, support and he tells me his deepest secrets. Sometimes when my boy can’t talk, I talk for him.  When […]

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