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ABOUT MY FAMILY My life-giving family gave me exactly that—the gift of life, and for that I will forever be grateful. My adoptive parents were the definition of bravery. When they took on the role of foster parents and welcomed me into their home, they knew I would face challenges, and, yet, they did it […]

 ABOUT MY FAMILY Hi, I’m Chancer and I became the first service dog placed with a child living with FASD. The organization that trained me is called 4 Paws for Ability and they have placed many more FASD service dogs around the world for children living with the challenges of FASD. My boy, Iyal, is now […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY We are fun and silly and love to laugh. My oldest who is 9 understands my brain and what my birth mom did. He understands although his feelings get hurt when I say things without thinking. My husband is my external brain. He embraces my impulsivity, and together we make plans to […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY I (Yvonne) adopted my daughter (Nicole), as a single mom, when she was eight-years-old. My mom (Christine) moved in with us when she retired to support my daughter and me. We share our lives with two dogs, two cats, and two fish. Our journey has been one filled with a lot of […]

Furry and 30 Real Families with Real Lives stepped out to share their stories so that people can understand the realities of living with prenatal alcohol exposure. We want to thank our running families consisting of children with FASD who we call the LITTLES and adults with FASD who have become our trail guides. We […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY I have two older brothers and two younger brothers and I am really different from them. They like sports and camping. My dad is a real helping kind of guy and made a difference in peoples lives. I live on my own with a few other roommates and I work full time. […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY The Stanley family is a unique blend of kiddos. Our youngest being adopted with FASD. FAMILY STRENGTH We have done our research and truly try to understand what is FASD related and what is not. FAMILY CHALLENGE It’s not always easy to tell the difference, but it does help calm a situation […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY Our family is your basic average family with the exception that we all are in this crazy world of FASD. Nicole is 14 and came to us at 5 months old and diagnosed when she was 18 months old with FASD. At that point we all started down the road of trying […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY As a Father with FASD things can be hard at times. I am a father to 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2 girls. But here is a look into family life for me and my Super-girl Sophia. She is almost three, but we are very close. FAMILY STRENGTH She is a […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY Our family consists of 2 dogs, Thurston the jack-o-bea and Brustus the Pug, 2 cats, Elsa and Polly (our 6 toed cat on all 4 feet!!), dad and mom, Robert and Brenda and our two kids Asiah and Jose. We have an ARND/FASD diagnosis. Our lives were put together by adoption in […]

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