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ABOUT OUR FAMILY. Our children have left our nest and are flying on the wings God gave them – hopefully strengthened by our parenting (both successful and unsuccessful at times) – each soars in their own Live Abilities. We, of course, face the supportive adult challenges of FASD – support with dignity – support with […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY. My family may be different from many, but it is also a type of family many persons with FASD live with. The support people say they are my family, but they really are not. I have Macey and Julian – my dog and my cat – they are my family. They love […]

LOVE – LAUGH – LEARN LOVE AND SHARE – Jodee Kulp (USA) – Like Share and Follow the 4TH ANNUAL Red Shoes Rock International Virtual Relay Race LAUGH AND SHARE – Ann Yurcek (USA) – Like, Share and Follow Mackies World Cartoons – Collect them all LEARN AND SHARE – Yvonne William (Canada) – Like, […]

About our family. We are the Reeves family, living in the beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico! Four of our children have an FASD, and we also have some on the autism spectrum. Most of our children are adopted, but one of our biological children was also born with severe cardio vascular defects. Most of […]

About our family. Mom, Judy loves to spend time with their dog, Roxy. Dad, Doug loves to read. Skye loves to play computer games and be with his dog. Roxy loves to be with her family. Family strengths. We continue to wake up each day and renewing our dedication to our family. Family challenges. Fighting […]

To respect my daughter’s privacy we are sending our love with our fluff filled friends. About our family: I am a the single mom of a lovely 6 year old diagnosed with FASD and ADHD. Our family strengths: We are very close with a good support system Family challenge: Getting everything done as a full […]

About our family  Timothy was adopted from Russia in 2009 at two and a half years old.  I knew at the time of his adoption that he would be somewhere on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum.  Having had a foster brother with FASD I thought knew about it going in.  But, if you’ve met one person with FASD – you […]

About our Family. In our family we have one confirmed case of FASD, one possible FASD. Also there is PTSD, BPD, MVP, Scoliosis, back spasms, with other back issues, heart murmur, epilepsy,  possible Autism,  asthma, knee, ankle and wrist issues, a c3 compressed disc , ADD, Dyslexia, anxiety/ depression, sleep issues, night terrors, high cholesterol,  […]

About our Family. We are a family of 8.  We have 6 children and 3 are on the FASD spectrum. Family Strengths. I think our family strengths are that we love fiercely and forgive quickly. Family Challenges. We are not perfect and struggle daily with the challenges of having children with FASD.  One of our […]

About our Famly. This is our family : One of our children (adopted) has FASD. Family Strength, We never thought we’d be an FASD family but if it means having our child then we gladly face it head on. Family Challenge. We embrace the craziness of family life with five kids, let alone dealing with […]

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