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About our family. The Hruby family, mom-Sandy enjoys reading and gardening, dad-Dennis enjoys woodworking, we have 3 children through adoption, Tyler (works in law enforcement) is engaged to Katie, Lisa (works with Boys and Girls Club) is engaged to Noah and Joe will be a sophomore in high school and plays snare drum. Two of […]

About our Family. Four of my children have FASD, The other two might have been exposed. All experienced early trauma which intensified trust issues. Craig (that’s me) is a lifelong runner who passed the love of the sport to his middle son, Andrew. Daughter Ashley and youngest son Brandon are gifted artistically. Michael enjoys singing. […]

We consider RJ Formanek the dad of “Flying with Broken Wings” facebook group and his children in that group now number over 3,700. It is a vibrant and exciting community of very positive people dealing with a very serious issue. Indivuals are able to ask anything, share stories and ideas. There is a very very […]

About our family  Mac is our youngest adopted child.  He is our second time around kid, and all the lessons we learned from years of parenting our sib set of 5 and our biological medically complex daughter has given Mac a head start in life. Some say we have saved his life, but he has […]

About our family – I am Furry and I am live with my REAL boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We do everything together and I mean everything 24/7.  I am his best friend and I comfort, support and he tells me his deepest secrets. Sometimes when my boy can’t talk, I talk for him.  When […]

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