ABOUT OUR FAMILY Our family is a large, busy family, but we love to get together whenever possible.  We enjoy outdoor movies in the back yard, bonfires and cookouts, snow sledding in the winter and taking family trips. FAMILY STRENGTH Mostly, we just enjoy time together as a family. FAMILY CHALLENGE We face plenty of […]

About our Family: Our family is complicated. I am a single parent raising 5 children, two children are biologically mine, and three children are kinship.  I am raising my brother’s 3 children—two arrived in 2014 and another came in 2016. And my mother is 70, has a brain injury and moved in with us in […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY: Aloha! We have 4 children – one biological and three adopted. We added a member to our family in December when Briar received her FASD service dog, Pineapple! STRENGTHS: We love to play, travel and explore new places together. We enjoy spending time laughing together and creating new memories as a family. […]

About Our Family: Here is a glimpse in a minute of our day — This just happened. I walk out of the room for a few minutes, literally like 3 minutes, I walk back in to find Mauda~kae seizing and not breathing. After several heart stopping seconds for me, I get her back and have […]

About Our Family: My husband, Brando and I met 3 1/2 years, and have a furbaby, Otter, together. Family Strengths: We build each other up and love unconditionally. Family Challenges: I am learning to love who I am. Family Wish: For everyone to have a voice when they are hurting. Family Advice: It gets better. […]

ABOUT MY FAMILY My family is what my acceptance and recognition has allowed me to build: my companion Sharon, my dog Niña and my cat Pablo, in addition to all the wonderful people who finally see me for what they are and not For what they would not want me to be! FAMILY STRENGTH The […]

About our family My husband Doug and I had two children together before becoming foster parents. Through that journey we were blessed to be able to adopt three of our former foster children. Our family also includes 3 dogs, along with our oldest son’s girlfriend and her two dogs! Together we have the diagnoses of […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY Jeff and Tara… and two dogs, two cats and a turtle. Young, naïve foster parents turned super advocates! After years of working on the front lines, we became foster parents to a teen. It was the hardest job we ever did and it changed our lives forever (and for the better!) Nowadays, […]

Welcome to our 2017 Campaign of Red Shoes Rock This September 9 is FASD Awareness Day! Red Shoes Rocks creates the path leading to International FASDay. The first FAS Awareness Day was created by FASWorld (Brian Philcox, Bonnie Buxton and Teresa Kellerman) on 9.9.1999 with bells ringing at 9:09 am to alert and encourage people […]

Feature Your Family at Real Families Real Lives Families and individual who have joined our Red Shoes Rock virtual relay have courage. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are often hidden and families and individuals are misunderstood by their communities and the professionals who become part of their lives. We are looking for more families wanting to […]

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