Day 24 – Bermudez Family. Real Families. Real Lives.

Hi, I’m Toya and me and my sister, Gabbi, are paternal half sisters which means that we have the same dad and different mom. I am half Mexican and half Caucasian, and she is full Mexican. I have FASD and she is neurotypical, my nephew’s name is Andres and he is currently almost a year old and my sister drank for the first 4 months of her pregnancy with him, but she didn’t know much about the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant even thou I have FASD.

Andres was diagnosed with FAS very early on and has been in early intervention ever since and he is thriving beyond what they thought was even possible.

My sister still feels really guilty, but she’s doing so wonderfully and I am so proud of her!! I stand with her every step of the way supporting her and also being there for my nephew and supporting him. We still don’t know what the future holds for Andres, but we just take it one day at a time and celebrate every milestone that he reaches.

We wish that people would know that FASD is not all doom and gloom. There IS hope for those of us who are affected.

Our advice is to not drink while u are pregnant, but if u do, please be willing to get early intervention services and be willing to speak up about the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy. Remember, #049.

A NOTE FROM TOYA –Think about this, do u really think that’s it’s worth the risk of drinking booze when ur pregnant? Do u think that it’s worth the risk of permanently damaging ur child for life? Look, I am only MILDLY affected by FASD, yet I struggle with many things, I struggle to hold down a job, I struggle to live independently, I struggle with impulse control, I’ve been in trouble with the law before, I struggle in learning math, etc. In the end, u must realize that u are playing Russian roulette with ur child when u take just 1 sip of an alcoholic beverage whether that be wine, beer, or heavy liquor. When it comes to the damage that it can do, it’s ALL the same, and while most of us have a normal, high, or even gifted IQ, ALL of us struggle with lifelong challenges and while we may have a good IQ score, ALL of us have some sort of specific learning disablity. THE MORAL IS: JUST DON’T DRINK WHILE UR PREGNANT. #NUFFSAID.




Red Shoe Rock Virtual International Relay is now in it's 4th year. We are excited to share all that we are learning and have learned about nuerodiversity with you.

IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH FASD, A FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER or PROFESSIONAL consider joining us for a day of RUNNING around the world with Mackie and Furry.




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    1. Debi Edrington says:

      Hi I am a mom of 7 FASD wonderful children,1 biological. I was a young mother and my M.D. and my mother told me to drink beer while pregnant to help with horrible UTI’s during pregnancy. Small shot glass once a week of beer would not harm the baby and help me. They were so wrong and my mistake is now affecting my grandbabies. My whole family were alcoholics but me. My dad was killed by a drink driver when I was 10. I didn’t drink that’s all my mom and 2 brothers did, why would I want to ruin someone’s life like mine was? On the advice of my doctor I did ruin a life by drinking, and my grandchildrens. I live with this guilt daily while raising 6 adopted children who also were born drug/FASD/premie and their diagnosis are so much more.I love life. I stay positive and strong because I need to show the world my life is beautiful and unpredictable the whole time with a smile and lots of love. MY CUP IS ALWAYS HALF FULL AND NORMAL IS A SETING ON YOUR DRYER.

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