ABOUT OUR FAMILY I come from a family of six kids and am the sixth child. I am the most affected of all the kids. I consider the people of the Laguna Reservation my family because they always been there for me. They have never given up on me, even when I gave up on […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY Hi, I’m Toya and me and my sister, Gabbi, are paternal half sisters which means that we have the same dad and different mom. I am half Mexican and half Caucasian, and she is full Mexican. I have FASD and she is neurotypical, my nephew’s name is Andres and he is currently […]

ABOUT MY FAMILY I got to where I am today by myself – I was a tough kid and young adult and I did so much damage to my family that they proceeded to have a relationship with me with EXTREME CAUTION. And I got to where I am today through the love of Jesus […]

ABOUT MY FAMILY I was adopted into a family with most of my bio sibs and 20 years later our family is building an internal support group with one of my brothers and my sister to learn to be together, so that as our parents age we have each other. We are doing LiveAbilities—Together we […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY We built our family through adoption, when we brought our son and daughter home from Russia in 1999. They were both 14 months, two days between their birthdays! Our daughter is neurotypical and our son was diagnosed with FAS when he was 4 years and 4 months. At 19, they are each […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY I am un-diagnosis FASD and my custodial granddaughter also has FASD. In doing our family history work I realized that I created a son with FASD and am the daughter and granddaughter of women who also had FASD. FIVE generations and we say ENOUGH. Asheleigh Charbonneau will have a planned baby and […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY We have two adult children with FASD. At this time one is still finishing High school. He wants to be a Blacksmith and play music. Our other child wants to go into Social Services and help children. FAMILY STRENGTHS We are so blessed to have been honored by the Oglala Lakota Sioux […]

Our Family: We are a family of 4 humans (Steve, Laurel, Gabby and Duncan), 3 cats (Tigre 3, Bee and Annabelle), 1 dog, 2 freshwater fish tanks (soon to be combined into the one new 90 gallon tank–11 fish total) and a 160 gallon salt water reef tank (many fish, snails, hermit crabs, 2 shrimp, […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY We are a busy family, with two girls adopted from Moscow, Russia (one in 2005, one in 2012). One of us has a diagnosis of FASD, specifically FAS, and many more such as microcephaly, Developmental Coordination Disorder, dysphagia, etc. It’s so important to our family to be open and make others aware […]

ABOUT OUR FAMILY The Elsworth Family is an eclectic group of people with personality. FAMILY STRENGTH We are committed to each other and not giving up. FAMILY CHALLENGE Learning to support each other’s differences can be challenging. FAMILY WISH We would love to live in the country and have space to run. FAMILY WISDOM Our […]

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